When it comes to being at home, you want all the comforts but being too comfortable in your work surroundings make you complacent and don’t think it doesn’t.

I have managed several real estate offices in my time and as Business Development Manager and Branch Office Manager of our Hawthorne office and as a recruiter of many associates, I have come to conclusion that the more comfortable an agent is in their office, the less productive they are.  They like the people, they think their manager is a nice person (and funny,too), they have a private office, and the coffee is pretty darn good, and therefore,  believe they have no reason to leave the company.  Those are the same folks that have not done what they are capable of because of that high comfort level.

I believe that for one to succeed in any business they must feel just a little, if not a lot, uncomfortable.  The challenge is more apparent to perform and the “need to succeed” is more of the goal then the choosing between mocha or french vanilla creamer.  The best way for a real estate agent to feel uncomfortable, especially if their current company is not setting any standards of production, is to leave their current company to join another.

When joining a new company, that agent must not just prove themselves to the company that so heavily recruited them but prove to themself that they can do the job.  It starts with reconnecting with their client and network base to let them know of their new location, of which they probably have not touched base with for awhile.  (Most agents believe that because they are still with xyz company, whether or not the agent has actuially kept up with that base, their clients would always find them – of course, we all know better than that)

Conversely, a recruiter who brings on a new agent also wants to prove to that agent that their move was not for naught.  Therefore, putting an uncomfortability position upon themselves.  Making sure that the recruits name gets out there for the public to see, maybe handing over a couple of instant leads in the form of referrals or relocations, setting up a possible business plan and training/coaching program to give them a quick start, and the list goes on.

Marry the two uncomfortable positions will in most cases prove success.  I have seen it and have been part of it.  And so when you do get a call from that recruiter, instead of saying thanks but no thanks, I am comfortable where I am at right now, ask yourself, “Has this comfort helped or hurt my business or am I just fearful of being a little uncomfortable but regaining my business?” If your answer says it may be time to at least look at your options and see what your competition has to offer, then meet with that recruiter.  You have nothing to lose and maybe just everything to gain.  Plus it will give you some good negotiating power when it’s time to renegotiate your current contract.  What’s the worst thing that could happen – choosing between the mocha or the french vanilla for the coffee the recruiter will buy you.  And what’s the best thing that could happen – building your business with a new company.   Thinking of a change call/text me at 201.317.7527 for a confidential chat.  Or email me at jeffrey.halpern@randrealty.  It can’t hurt. 


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