With the real estate market in full swing there are many new Realtors coming into the business or any type of independent business.

It is time, as many people have discovered, to get out of the job mindset and think of a YOB.  (Your Own Business).  The possibilities are endless but you need to investigate what best suits you.  There are plenty of techie consultants but more are needed, web-based at home businesses, catering, opening a shop, multi-level marketing, etc.  But what is best for you?

The difference between a job and a YOB is the difference between a ceiling and the sky being the limit.  But the YOB takes time to plan, a YOB takes hard work and a YOB takes self-discipline.  To be successful at your YOB it takes PASSION for what you are doing and understand WHY you are doing it.

Consider becoming a New Jersey Licensed Real Estate Sales-Associate.  For the right person, this could be the perfect, and it may be the least expensive, (approx $1k per annum between license, Realtor, MLS, etc. fees), way to start a business. And even though you are working under the roof of a real estate company, it really is a YOB.   Clients do not hire you because of the company you work for, they hire you because of you and what value you bring to them. There is very little overhead, it is a profession occupation, and most importantly, it is a YOB that you will know in 6 months whether or not you are right for it.  If the business is not for you then at least you have not invested a lot of time and therefore can go another direction.

If it is for you, it is the perfect time to start.  The summer is relatively a slower season for transactions but a great time to attain your NJ Real Estate License, learn the business through training, mentoring, and coaching, as well as developing a lead generation system.  This will prepare you for the fall market and prime you for beyond.  And by all indications, the market will improve the second half of this year and continue to get better.  If you develop a passion for the business, there is no better business to own.  There is no income ceiling, and more so, you are helping people realize their dream of homeownership.

The process to obtain your real estate license is as follows:

1.  Go to a state certified real estate school and attend 75 hrs of required classes.  (The cost is approximately $400. with some real estate companies offering reimbursement programs if you join them)

2.  Take the school exam and pass.

3.  Be fingerprinted.

4.  Take the state exam and pass it.  (You have a year from the completion date of school and you can take it as many times as you can to pass it within that year)

My only advice is to not come in the business to “try it”.  You will not make it.  As a matter of fact, and I am probably going against what your parents have told you, but this is what I tell my children.  You never try anything.  If you try it, you will fail at it.  Just think of when you drop a pencil, do you try to pick it up?  In anything you do, you either do it or don’t.  If you do it and do not succeed at it, never consider it a failure but as a learning experience and you gave it your all.  Plus, you can stay active as a referral agent and continue to receive fees.  Conversely, if you do it and succeed, there is nothing better than helping people find the home of their dream while earning a terrific income

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